Spiritual Chapter 30
"The Mystical Meaning of Man's Body"
From: Spiritual Book 02 - "The Pearl of Wisdom",
Author: M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (may God be pleased with Him)

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Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim.  In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.  Al-salam 'alaykum wa-rahmat Allah wa-barakatuhu kulluhu.  May all the peace, the beneficence, and the blessing of God be upon us all.  May God help us all.

Text of Chapter 30:


O Master Guru, you have related to me the story of the pond. Please teach me its secrets, potentialities, and inner meaning. 


O dear Son, I shall answer your question. Listen carefully. I shall tell you, point by point, the inner meaning of this pond. 

The pond is the secret of Manu-eesan's (Man-the-divine, or True Man) appearance and life on earth. Inside this pond are three important things, namely water, fire, and air which spring forth, overflow, and meander. The earth bears the burden of these elements. Together these four are the four faiths, the four religions, and the four broad groups of man.

Man's appearance on earth is made up of twenty-eight letters. They are, 

Part of Body Arabic Letter (English pronunciation) 

Head                                                 - Jeem
Brain                                                 - Meem 
Forehead                                          - Uthe 
Right Eyebrow                                  - The 
Left Eyebrow                                     - Fe 
Eye                                                    - Noon 
Right Ear                                           - Ulaathu 
Left Ear                                             - Suadhu 
Nose Bridge                                      - Alif 
Throat                                                - Laam 
Right Shoulder                                   - He 
Left Shoulder                                     - Khe 
Adam's Apple                                    - Ye 
Right Foot                                         - Uthe 
Left Foot                                           - The 
Spine                                                - Kaaf 
Right Rib                                           - Re 
Left Rib                                              - Ze 
Right Chest                                        - Seem 
Left Chest                                          - Sheem 
Right Shoulder Joint                          - Ain 
Left Shoulder Joint                             - Oin 
Right Elbow                                        - Kaaf 
Left Elbow                                           - Fe 
Stomach                                             - Waav 
Buttocks                                             - Laam, Alif, Hamz 
Right Knee Cap                                  - Dhaal 
Left Knee Cap                                    - Uthaal 

Allah has by His grace adorned the body of man with these twenty-eight letters. They adorn the head, forehead, brain, eye, ear, nose, throat, shoulder, shoulder joint, throat -junction (Adam's Apple), spine, chest, stomach, hip, knee-cap, and feet. 

Allah has enlivened and filled this body with many substances. Buried inside man's body are the good and the bad. 

Dear, Son, if you wish to differentiate between good and bad and clarify yourself, you should associate with a virtuous Guru, perform His bidding, accept His exhortations, record and preserve them in the book of your heart. 

Then the Master Guru will take that tablet of the heart, read it, and advise you further. He will teach you the secret of assembling the body of man with the twenty-eight letters of grace on each spot. 

He will show you how to enliven each spot, how to give life to it, how to speak tactfully, how to dismantle the body parts, and how to re-assemble them. In this state, my Son, if you lean the "magic" of dismantling the human body, and re-assembling it, you will witness the Primal One. 

Dear Son, there are magical numbers to enliven each letter. Learn these numbers from the Guru. Further, this magic contains three Sacred Words. My Son, you should eliminate earth, woman, and gold from your body. No sooner the Guru sees you in this purified state, he will instruct you in the magic of the three Sacred Words. 

"Be aloof, Be hungry (for knowledge), Be alert." 

If you diligently observe these three, you will have the Grace of Allah. The Guru's Secret is this. Learn this. 

Once you have mastered this magic, your Guru will impart to you His Grace, the Gnaana Magic (the Divine Word). 

The Gnaana Magic, O Son, is comprised of seven sakthis (forces). These seven forces exist as seven days. Seven grahas (planets) are associated with the seven days. They are: 

Which belongs to the Sun. This force resides at the base of the spinal column close to the rectum, at the stomach, at the chest, at the forehead, and at the apex of the head. 

Which belongs to the Moon. This force plays around the six spots, liver, lung, heart, tongue, and brain. 

Which belongs to Mars. This force occupies the womb, small intestine, heart, and below the eyelids. 

Which belongs to Mercury (intelligence and wisdom). This force resides in eight spot, of the stomach, hip, bladder, intestines, gall-bladder, heart, kidney, and lung

Which belongs to Jupiter, (which) is the planet of Guru-Power, whose force resides in the symbolic hexagonal abode (heart), the scared scroll of the lotus flowers, called the "Zemzem" well (the inner heart), and the resonance of the brain. 

Which belongs to Venus, (and) rules five spots, the opening of the urethra, the opening of the a rectum, stomach, gall-bladder, and the luster of the eye. 

Which belongs to Saturn, (and) conceals the six planets mentioned earlier. This force crawls right around the body, and rules the bilial ducts, and the gall-bladder. This force is harmful to man. 

My dear Son, God has opened the hidden elements of water, fire, and air in man's body, and placed within them the thirty-three points, where the seven sakthis (forces) reside, and shine as thirty-three potentialities.

The other potentialities, earth (body of man), and urine (the resultant resonance of the earth being churned into a paste of clay), together with the perfected life-force resonate as a total of thirty-six potentialities in man.

The first thirty-three potentialities exist within the bodies of cattle, goat, cow, dog, fox, animal, bird, demon, man and all other lives and pave the way for their life and death.  All the essential qualities in the combination of the thirty-six potentialities open the door of Maya (delusion) of earth, woman, and gold.

They enter the house of the body and cause vibrations.  The dramas they perform are those of arrogance, religion, and race.  Those who fully realize the meaning of the end of these dramas, which view them, who know them, who clarify them and who separate themselves from these, are the Manu-eesans (Man-the-divine or True Man).  They possess ninety-six potentialities, each of which is the life of man.  

It is the same One God who performs the three functions of Creation, of Sustenance, and of Destruction, without failing even an atom within an atom.  Manu-eesan (Man-the -divine or True Man) within his life time, between birth and death, gets clarified of what needs to be clarified, knows what needs to be known, triumphs over the ninety-six potentialities, and wins over the saktis (forces) of the seven sapta rishis.

The meaning of the sapta rishis is the essence of the seven days.  The sapta rishis are the sakthis (forces) of the seven grahas (planets).  Each of these sakthis (forces) rules a particular day with strong governance.  These seven are very powerful planets in man's life.  They rule the (7x2) fourteen universes.  

Their external appearance said to be the upper seven universes, and the lower seven universes are said to be hidden.  The middle is the earth which we occupy.  

My Son, we can refer to them as fifteen universes.  If you know yourself, you will know these fifteen universes within you.  Your foot, ankle, thigh, (hip), navel, belly, and stomach are the seven lower universes.  They are the boundaries of the hell that belongs to arrogance, which is one of those hells that destroy man.

The middle is the earth in which we live.  It is the heart of the universes.  The upper seven universes are the throat, neck, mouth, heart, eye, forehead, and head.  They signify the air atmosphere, cloud atmosphere, water atmosphere, Mars atmosphere, Moon atmosphere, Constellation atmosphere, and Sun atmosphere.  The seven
devas shine as the seven sapta rishis - seven sakthis. 

The air atmosphere is governed by Angel Israfil, the cloud atmosphere by Izra'il, the Angel of Death (Yaman), the water atmosphere by Angel Mika'il (Michael) or the deity Varuna, the Mars atmosphere by the Angel of Fire, the Moon atmosphere by the Moon, the Constellation atmosphere by the devas or celestial beings, and the Sun atmosphere by the Sun.

These seven originate from man's mid-part to govern from the chest upward.  If you want to learn this, you must be with your true Guru, perform His duties, and obey His words.  If you are with Him you will receive the power to see these deities.  You will also receive the power to conquer them.

I shall tell you the places these seven deities occupy.  Listen, Son.  The liver is influenced by Angel Jibril (Gabrial) or Devandran. Angel Mika'il (Michael) is in the spleen.  Angel Israfil is in the lungs.  Angel Izra'il is between the liver and the bilial duct.  Iblis or Satan is in the bilial duct.

Muhammad (Sal.), the Monarch, is in the all-pervading places beyond description.  The Emperor (Allah) is between the nose and the forehead.

These seven shine as the sapta rishis who rule the upper seven universes, and reside in the hexagonal abode (heart) in the middle of the chest.  They rule as the Kings of the upper chamber.  Monarch Muhammad (Sal.) as Minister, and Allah as Emperor, govern the upper chamber of the seven universes.  The lower seven worlds referred to as the houses of hell are ruled by Iblis, the Satan.

I shall tell you, Son, the games of danger played in the hell-houses which affect Manu-eesan (Man-the-divine or True Man).  Listen.

Being born as Manu-eesan (Man-the-divine or True Man), he associates with the celestial hosts.  His birth induces the expansion of the great ocean of birth, and activates the play of destiny.  

Listen Son, I shall tell you about the strange games played in the lower seven hell-houses.

Fate rules me with a show of scenes.
What will my conscience do to me in the world?

It will give me fascination for desire for land.
It will make me obey the wicked.
It will distance me from my desire for women.
But it will give me the greater bliss of perfection.
Fate rules ....

It will give me the fascination for illusion like a fool.
It will make me wander around a region.
It will make me beg with a begging bowl.
But it will make me approach the feet of the virtuous Guru.
Fate rules ....

It will make me play like a man with no purpose.
It will make me look and want the prostitute.
It will make me dispel all arrogance.
But it will make me know one of the five.
Fate rules ....

It will make me wander possessed of desires.
It will make me enter houses of low men.
It will make me join men with the desire for money.
But it will make me receive the exalted grace of Allah.
Fate rules ....

Such are the demons of attachments that frighten you as sixteen forms.  Here is a song to explain that which will make you die without dying, or that which will make your reform yourself, or that which will make you perish in the earth.

It will make you  know yourself and acquire meditation.
It will make you ageless and acquire the divine gift of immortality.
It will make you search for wealth for the future.
But it will help you acquire the Ultimate that is the greater bliss.
Fate rules ....

It will make you go to the golden city.
It will make you enter the evil hell.
It will make you the torpor on earth.
But it will help you control the breath of sun and moon.
Fate rules ....

It will make you search for greater happiness and escape.
It will make you jabber like a mad man.
It will make you the laughing stock of females.
But it will help you join the company of Gnaanis.
Fate rules ....

It will make you see the scenes and reach the shore.
It will make destiny show you the Angel of Death.
It will make you collect alms by deceitful means.
But it will give you the grace of the Ultimate One.
Fate rules ....

It will make you join the company of Siththars (those who perform elemental
It will make you corroborate the words of thieves.
It will make you talk incoherently like an insane man.
But it will make you receive the Unspoken Divine Word.
Fate rules ....

It will make you enter breaking the lock.
It will make you enter the assembly of liars.
It will make you experience torpor eating like a cow.
But it will make you happy by ascending to the sky.
Fate rules ....

It will make you hear voices and move forward.
It will make you loiter and run around.
It will make you graze with the desire for prostitutes.
But it will help you lean against the sacred feet of the Exalted One.
Fate rules ....

It will make you associate with the Silent One.
It will make you wander everywhere like a dog.
It will make you acquire wealth running around the cities.
But it will help you to join again the Primal Wealthy One.
Fate rules ....

It will make you drink milk and whatever is seen.
It will make you drink liquor pretending it to be milk.
It will make you play about in the four and five openings.
But it will help you receive the Sacred Grace of the Leader.
Fate rules ....

It will make you join the One without differences of race.
It will make you take a begging bowl and beg.
It will make you wander along the streets.
But it will make you play in the House of Vedantha (Scriptures).
Fate rules ....

It will make you vibrate seeing the Primal One.
It will make you wander like a foolish man.
It will make you a donkey ridden by Moothevi (goddess of misfortune).
But it will help you reach the path of spiritual maturity.
Fate rules ....

It will make you stay away from meditation.
It will make you wander with a restless heart.
It will make you self-destructive like a dead tree.
But it will benefit you showing you the path.
Fate rules ....

It will make your consciousness steadfast.
It will make you abandon Me as fruit beyond reach.
It will make you wander searching for pure gold.
But it will help you to get God's Sacred Grace.
Fate rules ....

It will make you control the two breaths.
It will make you suffer due to old age.
It will make you play at the house of the prostitute.
But it will make you rich in realization of true Gnaanam.
Fate rules ....

It will make you see the abode of resplendent golden Light.
It will make you kiss and move with women.
It will make you perish like the worm in cowdung.
But it will make you lean towards the feet of the true Guru.
Fate rules ....

It will make you distinguish between night and day.
It will make false wisdom enter you.
It will make you submit to your recorded fate.
But it will make Allah's Grace to reach you.
Fate rules ....

It will make you approach the Primordial Feet.
It will make you speak with arrogance.
It will make you wander begging in the streets.
But it will open the House of True Wisdom to you.
Fate rules ....

It will show you scenes and guide you ashore.
It will make you agitated by hypocrisy.
It will make you  reside at houses of prostitutes.
But it will help you to be born in the status of a Mother.
Fate rules ....

It will make you approach the foot of your Father.
It will make you perform the noble dance dramas.
It will make you talk incoherently with false wisdom.
But it will enrapture you with the flower and its fragrance.
Fate rules ....

Son, it will thus make you do many other things.  

After a man is born, it is said by everybody that his life is controlled by fate.  But Son, it is not so. Life is the victory of wisdom reasoning over fate.  

Further, Son, fate and the grahas (planets) are all involved inside the body.

In order to enlighten you on this, I shall tell you the novelty of the seven days and the seven grahas (planets).

        (The 7 Planets   X   The 7 Days = 49)
Arabic              Tamil           English          Day of Week
Shamsu          Gnaairu            Sun                 Sunday
Kamru             Thinkal             Moon              Monday
Suhal              Sevvaai            Mars               Tuesday
Mushthari        Puthan             Mercury          Wednesday
Mirrnik             Wiyalam          Jupiter             Thursday
Sohraa            Velli                 Venus              Friday
Athaarith         Sani                 Saturn             Saturday

The planets associated with the seven days exert great influence as seven sakthis (forces), as seven rishis, and as seven celestial beings.  Each entity rules its respective day.

It is within these seven days and seven planets that man, goat, cow, fly, ant, and all other eighty-four hundred thousand (84,000,000) lives are born. This being so, people refer to fate in various ways, as it occurs to them. They divide the seven planets into twenty-seven stars. 

Allahu ta-aalah Nayan created Aathi Muhammad, and within Him He created (2x7) fourteen universes.  He created seven days within Muhammad (Sal.), and within the seven days, the seven planets as seven celestial beings.  Allah made Muhammad (Sal.) appear as a peacock.

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"The Mystical Meaning of Man's Body"
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